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How to Manage Homecoming Fun with Schoolwork

Homecoming 2015 is this weekend and we all have that one professor that loads us with work. Here are three quick and important tips to get you’re work done and have a blasts during homecoming as well!

1. Prioritize and DO NOT Procrastinate. If you know that your work will take longer than those last couple of hours on Sunday night and is due Monday morning, get it done ahead of time! You don’t want to stress from a long weekend of fun, that’ll just ruin it. Plus, I’m sure major rest will be needed!

2. Make a To-Do List. If you have just too much on your plate, make a list and jot down the most important things that need to be done. This will help speed up the process and leave more time for fun!

3. Study Groups. Teamwork makes the dream work. The faster you can get through an assignment, the less stress you will have!

Get your work done and reward yourself with the best memories from Homecoming 2015 and most importantly be SAFE!


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