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Let’s all face it, in college you want to be in a relationship. It is crazy the amount of significant others college students go through before finding the “right one”. I hate to be that person to burst your bubble, but to love someone else YOU have to love yourself first. That is the reason why many relationships fail and it is difficult to deal with that.  The aftermath of a relationship can bring your self esteem down after a bad breakup. I wanted to say that you can fall back in love with yourself and become the woman of your dreams. 


  • On the road of loving yourself, improve your mental health:

Mental health is one of the MOST important things of learning to love yourself. One bad day does not equal a bad life! The universe is run on vibrations and negative thinking will give bad vibrations and attract that to you. To combat that, positive affirmations (I am loved, I am worthy, God loves me, etc..) and meditation are starting points to start thinking positive. YOU are in control of what you think about yourself, so improve that. 

  • Get out of your room and do something you love:

Becoming the woman of your dreams also includes doing what you love. We are in college, we are still finding ourselves but join a club or activity. Interested in a new activity? Go take a class on it! You never know what knew skill you can learn for a career or life! Whatever it is you enjoy, do it! 

  • For the love of God, LOVE YOUR BODY: 

I can’t stress this enough. Love every part of your body, from every stretch mark to pimple. No one is perfect, regardless of what is posted on social media! Don’t like something about your body and want to change it? That is okay! Everyone has insecurities and we are always working on improving ourselves. Just don’t beat yourself up because you are thin with breast and a butt. 

  • Be driven, have ambitions, and unapologetic: 

Make goals and conquer them! Only person who is holding you back is you! Keep fighting for a cause you believe in! Don’t feel sorry for going after what you want and being the badass you know you are! 

  • Lastly, don’t hold grudges:

​Holding on to that hurt ain’t helping you sis. Let it go and start fresh. Even if writing a letter to that person and burning it helps you, do it. At this stage of life, you have to forgive and forget. Think of the 5 by 5 rule, if it doesn’t matter for 5 seconds, it won’t matter in 5 days or 5 years!


Becoming a better woman for yourself is the goal for this stage of life. Nobody can take that self love from you, no matter how hard they try. Be strong and fearless. Your future self will thank you.





Nicolette is a junior at Valdosta State University, majoring in Communications with an emphasis in social media and interpersonal. She is also a digital content creator and freelance writer for Thought Catalog. Nicolette is also an avid coffee drinker, animal lover, and anime/marvel fanatic. Nicolette has a passion for catching up with the latest social media trends, writing and networking. Her dream career would be a social media manager or marketing coordinator.
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