Crack That Caffeine Addiction

Caffeine is a stimulant to the central nervous system, and regular use of caffeine does mild physical dependence. This is an addiction I know all too well. Being in my last semester of college you can imagine how stressful and how busy I am. There is always some sort of work that needs to be done, and never enough hours in a day. So, to keep myself going I drink a Mountain Dew or two so I can stay energized and wide awake throughout the entire day and sometimes night. This is an unhealthy addiction that I have been battling with for a few years now, and despite how hard I try I just can’t give the caffeine up. So, I have researched a few ways to help stop your caffeine addiction and still keep your energy on 10. Keep reading to find out what they are.


Rather than trying to quit your addiction cold turkey try substituting your bad caffeine (Mountain Dew) with good caffeine such as Green Tea. Yes, we are trying to stop being dependent on caffeine but Green Tea is actually very good for you and your body. This is as long as you aren’t piling sugars and other extra components to it. Green Tea aids in boosting your metabolism, energy levels and it also aids in weight loss.


Exercising regularly is great for the overall health of your body. Being active regularly allows you to relieve built up stress that you may be suppressing within while also helping you to build up your endurance. This will allow you to not get tired or fatigued so quickly throughout your day which often happens that makes you turn to a quick energy booster.


Allowing your body to get the proper amount of sleep at night will help you to not be tired and sluggish the next day. When you get enough rest at night you tend to not be as dependent on an energy drink. This can be very hard to do being in college,  but you have to make some time so you won’t go absolutely crazy.

Regardless of if you follow any of these tips or any other tips that you may find regarding this topic still try and cut out caffeine. It’s not good for your body and honestly it’s terrible for your skin. Keep your skin clear and your mind free of scrambled thoughts. Good Luck!