Campus Celebrity Jazz Burns '15

Meet Jazz, you may know him from Twitter  as JayBurns or from USR on Tuesday nights. If not, here is a bit about him.


Name: Jazz Burns (JayBurns to most)

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga

Classification: Senior (Graduating in December)

Major: Criminal Justice

HC: First of all, what made you choose VSU?

JB: Well, I was originally on my way to Tennessee State but they only offered me a partial scholarship which would not cover out of state tuition, so VSU was next on my list wasn't too far from home but wasn't too close.

HC: Which year at VSU was the most memorable?

JB: I'd probably say 2014-2015, from academics, to traveling, to social life, to figuring out what exactly I want to do in life I would say it was a good year. 

HC: What would you consider your biggest accomplishment at VSU so far?

JB: My biggest accomplishment? I would have to say getting my cap and gown for graduation on December 12th. It's been a long time coming, I'm excited.

HC: What do you plan to do with your major?  

JB: Well, I'm a Criminal Justice major, but I do a lot with Mass Media. I actually have my own radio show with my brother Eaz, check us out on 107.9 The Beat every weekend from 6-10. So, for right now I'm kind of sticking with the radio thing, but if that does not work out I intend to go Federal with my CRJU degree and work with the GBI or US Marshals. I also have dreams of being a big time football coach, so we will see what happens. 

HC: Where do you plan to be in the next 5 years in life?

JB: In 5 years? Man, hopefully somewhere in a big city, with my own radio show, with a family. Hopefully, a well known nationally syndicated radio show. I know it sounds like I should've been a Mass Media major.

HC: What advice would you give yourself as a freshmen to better prepare yourself for the future?

JB: Advice I would give to freshmen is just keep pushing through everything. College can get rough academically, financially, and socially. Always push through it, chase your dreams, and stay positive. Staying positive is very important to me, I would tell anyone always remain positive. Negativity is not healthy, whether it's negative relationships, negative advice, just stay away from negativity. 

HC: Who or what inspires you the most? What about it inspires you?

JB: As far as inspiration, my mom of course is my biggest inspiration. Not only is she my biggest inspiration, she's also my biggest motivator. Her drive in life is amazing. She's taught me a lot about life, I watched her raise me and learned a whole lot from just watching her. As far as being at VSU, one person I would say inspires me is Big Nick, that's like my big brother. Any advice I need or questions, he has the answers. Nick is a go-getter, I learned a lot from him, whether is promoting, radio, etc. 

HC: How would you like to be remembered at VSU?

JB: I would like to think I have made my stamp at VSU. Most know me as "TheJayBurns" or the host of everything off campus, but I don't know. I guess I would like to be remembered as the guy who was pretty much cool with everyone, made an impact off campus, started USR (every Tuesday 9 pm) with Eaz which has grown tremendously and now have our own actual radio show. I appreciate VSU and the people I have met here A LOT. Just being known around campus and VSU being responsible for me being able to chase my dreams is enough for me. 

If you want to know more about Jazz, follow him on Twitter and Snapchat @TheJayBurns or on Instagram @1JayBurns.