The Affect of Domestic Violence on Mental Health

According to women’s health, “Women who have experienced domestic violence or abuse are at a significantly higher risk of experiencing a range of mental health conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and thoughts of suicide.”


But why is this the case?

those who are often victims of domestic violence feel that they have nowhere to turn and are stuck in a perpetual state of victimhood. After the honeymoon phase passes of a relationship and domestic violence occur it is often followed with continuous apologies. However, The overall cycle of abuse continues. An Australian study found that those suffering from domestic violence are often very reluctant to disclose the abuse of their feeling or suffering from as a result of their partner. As a result practitioners and mental health clinics are treating the symptoms but not the cause resulting in an overall less successful treatment.

lonely woman looking out a window Photo by Cosmic Timetraveler from Unsplash Current events

The Coronavirus according to the New England journal of medicine has created a pandemic within a pandemic. Where in some regions of the world The number of domestic violence calls has dropped by more than 50%. While this might seem like a good thing domestic violence has in turn gone up The calls have only gone down due to the fact that victims are often too scared to call authorities or are not able to safely contact those services. With a lockdown in order that forced many people to stay in the home or area with their abusers, this was an expected result. Overall the effect on mental health is astronomical with one in four women and one in 10 men victims of domestic violence, and the Coronavirus already raising everyone's anxiety levels domestic violence as horribly affected many people's mental health.