5 Changes You Can Make to Live Healthier

It's the beginning of the new year and we can all agree that one of the most common new year's resolutions is to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Of course this sounds good, but implementing this healthy lifestyle plan can be difficult! A great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is by gradually making changes to your daily activities. By taking baby steps, you will be able to take on your new year's resolution with ease! Here are some tips that may help!

1. Switch your morning coffee for a smoothie!

Not only can smoothies give you the same energy as coffee, but they can satisfy your daily fruit servings. 

2. Eat more!

Eating small-portioned meals throughout the day can help speed up your metabolism and help you get slimmed down!

3. Do mini workouts throughout the day!

Do you have spare time between classes? Take a walk! Downtime at work? Do a few sets of jumping jacks! Making use of free time can make all the difference!

4. Set mini health goals!

Setting mini goals is a great way to stay dedicated while being realistic with yourself. 

5. Don't forget to reward yourself!

When you set your weekly health goals and reach them, reward yourself! Treat yourself to new shoes, a cheat day (take it easy), an extra hour of sleep, or anything that will motivate you to get fit!

Use these tips and you'll not only feel but be healthier before you know it!