3 Things You Should Know Before Seeing A Therapist

I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that only “crazies” need therapists. When in actuality, we’re all “crazy”. And rightfully so. This world is hard to live in sometimes and there are so many things that happen to each of us that are out of our control.

We all could use a shoulder to cry on.

You do not have to be diagnosed with a mental illness to seek mental/emotional support. Everyone could benefit from seeing a therapist at least once in their life.

I saw a therapist my Sophomore year, right on my college campus. I had just transferred schools, gotten out of a toxic relationship and was trying to juggle work and school. From the outside looking in I wasn’t the stereotypical image of someone who needed to see a therapist; but I needed it. It helped so much just being able to talk to someone about my issues without them having any background knowledge or preconceived perceptions of me. Just simply taking what I said, and helping me figure things out. Seeing a therapist was great. It changed my life.

Here are 3 things I think you should know before going to see a therapist:

  1. It’s awkward at first but not AS AWKWARD as you think it will be. My first three or four visits to my therapist I had no idea what to talk about. I just sat there and shortly answered whatever questions they asked. But eventually I warmed up and I found myself talking and crying, and getting rid of a lot of the weight I was carrying. It was a beautiful experience.
  2. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Most college campuses offer counseling services for free. I saw my therapist every two weeks for an entire semester, free of charge. There are also ways to get insurance to see a therapist if you would prefer not to use the campus. Just research whatever route you would like to take and I’m sure you’ll find a way. Google is our friend.
  3. Seeing a therapist is NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL. At first, I was ashamed to tell my friends where I was running off to every other Thursday. But eventually I realized that it didn’t matter. People with negative views on therapy usually have no idea what therapy is. It’s like telling someone you’re vegetarian and them assuming all you eat is salad because they have no idea how many other foods exist other than meat. Lol. These days I am quick to tell someone I saw a therapist and advise them to see one too. Even if they don’t look like they’re going through something; I know firsthand that what it “looks like” doesn’t mean a thing.



I hope that this article will encourage you to consider seeing a therapist. With everything going on in our lives, it would be a disservice to our souls not to allow ourselves the chance to unload.