Motivation to Workout

I probably shouldn’t be so quick to writing this, seeing as I have had a gym membership for two  months and went to my first workout class last week. However, starting at the gym and hopefully continuing is motivating me to motivate others. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated to your work out!


1.Find a Workout Buddy

I believe that the best way to help stick to your workouts is to find someone to go with you.This way you can motivate each other to stick to your schedule, you’ll be less likely to cancel, and it’s always more enjoyable to workout with a friend.


2. Find a Gym That Works for You

If you’re more into workout classes, a gym that offers a wide variety such as Goodlife may be a better way to go. There are also many studios around the city that focus more on cardio and yoga classes. If you find it easier to just hop on a treadmill then the school gym or Fit4Less may be a better fit. There’s also 24 hour gym you can look into if you’re more of a go to the gym at night kind of person.


3. Find a Routine and Time That Work for You

If you hate waking up early but you keep choosing morning classes, you are less likely to stick to your routine. Work your workout schedule into your routine. For example, go every Monday night after work, every Thursday morning before school, maybe a Sunday before studying, whatever work for you.


4. Make a Workout Playlist

One of the most motivating things during a  workout is having a great workout playlist ready. You can make ones with your favourite upbeat songs to pump you up, or, if you’re not feeling creative, Spotify and other music apps also have them pre-made for you.


5. Try Something New

If you’re getting bored with your current workout routine, try switching it up. Maybe going on the treadmill for 30 minutes and weight machines for 10 is just getting old. Try different fitness classes, or youtube some creative workout routines.