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I come from the Maliseet First Nation and here are some of the Indigenous foods that I make at home. As someone with Indigenous heritage, it is important to me to connect with my culture. One way I do this is through food. All of these recipes are quick and easy plentiful meals which are perfect for university students or if you’re just on the go.

Three sister’s soup

The three sisters are known as corn, beans, and squash. These three staple foods are traditional foods within Indigenous cultures. For added extra protein, lentils are the best.

For this recipe you’ll need:

–   2 cups of canned corn

–   2 cups of chopped green beans.

–   2 cups of chopped butternut squash

–   5 cups of veggie broth

–   However much garlic your heart desires

–   2 cups of pre-soaked lentils.

–   1 cup of shredded chicken (optional)

–   1 cup sweet or yellow potatoes (optional)-   Salt and pepper to taste. 

Traditional or desert-style Bannock

Bannock is a traditional food I have been loving to make recently. You can make it desert style or in a more traditional style. My favourite form is the desert-style Bannock with berries. For this recipe you’ll need:

–   3 cups of all-purpose flour

–   2 tablespoons of baking powder

–   1 teaspoon of salt

–   1 ½ cups of cold water

–   ¼ cup melted butter

–   Place in 5 biscuit-style circles

–   On a large non-stick frying pan place Bannock into 5 biscuit-style circles.

–   Fry Bannock on medium heat until both sides are golden brown.-   Add however many berries your heart desires.


This is a staple within my weekly meals. Just saying! For this recipe you’ll need:

– Store-bought tortellini (or homemade works too) I love the 3-cheese version!

–   2 cups of wild rice

–   Any sauce of your liking, preferably homemade Alfredo sauce but store-bought works just as well.

–   For extra protein, I like to add salmon!

Homemade Alfredo sauce:

–   2 cups of heavy cream

–   Flour for thickening of the sauce.

(I typically start by adding a tablespoon, then I add more if needed).

–   Salt and pepper

–   Thyme and basil (however much your heart desires)-   Garlic (however much your heart desires)

Bannock fish/meat tacos, with a side of bean and corn salad.

For this recipe, you’ll need

Single serving:

–   The Bannock recipe for our tortillas.

–   2 small fillets of halibut (chicken and tofu work as well!)

–   Lettuce and tomatoes

–   Cheese and sour cream.

For the side salad:

–   ½ cup of corn

–   ½ cup of green beans

–   ½ teaspoon of olive oil-   Salt and pepper to taste.

I guarantee these foods from my home to yours will be just yummy. I hope you enjoy cooking these foods as well! Cooking has always been a staple for me to distress and create comfort. I hope these recipes can do that for you as well!

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