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How to De-Stress After Exams

    It’s that time of year again when all of the stress comes at once as you cram for your 5 exams. After spending long nights in the library hopped up on energy drinks and coffee, exams have finally come to an end. Now what to do? Here are some of the best options to help you de-stress:

1. Take a Long Nap

               Sleep is something that you probably didn’t get a lot of during exams. Now that they are over, set aside some time to catch up on your sleep and reenergize.


2. Drink/Party

               It probably doesn’t surprise you that partying is on a lot of people’s minds when exams are done. If that’s your idea of a good time, then definitely grab some vodka, your best friends, and have a great night out!


3. Exercise

               Exercise is a great way to de-stress and it’s the perfect time to get back into your workout routine that you forget about during the past month.

4. Catch up with Friends

               Everyone has been so busy lately, you haven’t had a lot of time to catch up and hangout with your friends. Schedule a dinner date or movie night to reconnect.


5. Eat Chocolate

               Chocolate is the best comfort food and is very much needed when exam season comes to a close.


6. Cuddle a dog or other animal of choice

               It is clinically proven that petting dogs or other animals instantly lowers stress. Therefore, if you have a pet or a friend has a pet, cuddling that pet until you feel de-stressed would be beneficial. Plus that animal would probably love you even more.


7. Cry

               Even though you may have cried a lot during exams, it’s good to get out your emotions, and crying is actually very healthy for you. Therefore, if you have a lot of built up stress, just let loose and cry. Hopefully follow it with the other de-stressing suggestions.



Hi everyone, my name is Sadie and I am a third year student studying Sociology. My hobbies include reading, writing, horseback riding, and eating sushi with friends.
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