5 Back-to-School Necessities

It’s back-to-school season which can be an exciting but also stressful period for some of us. On top of getting books, it is also important to have the right study accessories so that you can put your best foot forward this semester. Buying accessories can be stressful, from finding the right brand, type, or even the colour. To make this process less stressful, here are some reliable back-to-school necessities that are bound to make your school year productive and less stressful:


1)    Espro Coffee press: 

If you’re a coffee person like I am, this is a must-have! Early morning classes are not everyone’s cup of espresso (see what I did there) but coffee always helps! When you’re running late, this press comes in handy!  All you have to do is add water, your ground coffee beans, and gently press down producing the perfect concoction. You can also vary the strength and blend depending on your own personal preferences. If you're not a coffee drinker, check out a similar tea press at Davids Tea


2)    Pocket-size planner: 

Usually for planners, I prefer pocket-size planners. Although some may prefer bigger sized planners, these may be more cumbersome – especially if you bring them everywhere. I prefer a pocket-sized planner since I can take it everywhere with me (without having to carry it in my backpack that is already full of other study material!). Additionally, I also have an electronic planner that I use so I keep myself accountable. My favorite planner can be purchased at Chapters - plus you can browse other planners that they may have to offer.


3)    Hand sanitizers and lip balm: 

We’ve all seen that meme about having lip balm for the car, the house, and work, but it is also important to have lip balm for school. Usually, you can make a little “emergency kit” for yourself – for those bad days – and add some pads/tampons, lip balm, Tylenol, and always add hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer comes in handy when you’ve eaten a saucy bowl of pasta and accidentally spilled some on yourself, or when you’ve just been to a bathroom with no soap. Keep those hands clean! Some emergency kit ideas can be found here.


4)    Self-care ideas: 

School can be stressful – even more so for some than others – since we all have stuff going on in our lives that we have to deal with on top of school. It is always important to ask yourself if you’re doing too much and if you should take a break. Additionally, self-care is so much more than just putting on a face-mask (although if that works for you – do it). Some ideas can include sleeping-in and missing your 8 am class (although don’t do this if you have a midterm) and getting notes from a trusted colleague. You can also take time to clean your house, get a nutritious meal for yourself, or get a massage done. Applaud the little things you do – whether this just means getting out of bed – because in the end this still deserves recognition. Take the time to pat yourself on your back – you deserve it. 


5)    Snacking: 

Snacks are a life-saver! Some of you may have those three-hour classes that can be extremely exhausting both mentally and for our tummies. It is important to come equipped with the proper snacks – even if you don’t have three-hour classes – always bring some snacks just in case you get hungry. Some snacks include trail mix, popcorn, and the emergency granola bar. Also, pack some antacids in case your stomach gets upset – better equipped than having to deal with a loud rumbling stomach. Some snack ideas include zero-waste snacks, or even snacks that you can personalize based on the time you have left before an 8am class. 



Those are some of my favorite back to school necessities. Although you might vary in terms of your own personal preferences, I think we can all agree that these top five things are pivotal to a productive hot girl semester. Let’s put on our thinking caps, get that self-care, and strive for a great semester!