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3 Ways to Plan for Your Best Summer Yet

Now that almost three months of 2018 are behind us already, finals season is right around the corner. When the weather starts warming up (or at least remains above freezing) and classes end, only one thing is on everyone’s mind: summer. While the four-month break may be a good time to relax and recharge for many of us, this time can also be used for productivity and getting ahead in various areas of life. Below are 3 ideas to inspire you to have your most productive summer yet!

1.     Take an online class

Whether you took a light course-load in first year or you’re just looking to get an elective out of the way, summer can be a great time to do so. Only taking one class eliminates the pressure you feel during the other eight months, and it could be just enough to keep boredom away. Plus, doing something productive for your future will leave you feeling accomplished by the end of August.

2.     Implement a budget

Most people either work part-time or full-time during the summer months, and with an increased amount of money coming in it can be easy to increase your spending too. You may find yourself going through money faster because you have more time to spend it, but by budgeting your income you can avoid unnecessary spending. Even just setting aside a certain portion of your weekly income to put into savings can make a big difference in the long run; budgeting is more than worthwhile if you’re willing to stick to the limits you set for yourself.

3.     Make time for the outdoors

Between working and potentially taking a summer class, it can be hard to pencil in time for seeing the sun during the summer. Despite this, getting time outdoors in nature is important for maintaining both a healthy body and peace of mind, so setting time aside for outdoor leisure is always a good use of your day. When the cool weather comes back and your schedule piles up, you’ll be happy about having outdoor memories to look back on.

Summer is the most anticipated time of year for many of us, whether it is because of vacations, a break from school, or simply the warm weather. By making the best use of your time through simple ideas such as those above, your break can be relaxing and productive!

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