10 Ways to love Yourself

Step One: Tell yourself, and others, positive things

When you say something nice to someone, they feel nice. And as a bonus, it’s been found that people who find it easier to compliment others have more confidence in themselves: So speak up! Tell that person you like their shirt. Tell her you like her colorful hair. But as stated, you have to remind yourself of positive things about yourself every day in front of the mirror. Say one word that you find admirable about yourself. And if you can’t think of it, or believe it doesn’t exist, say something that you’re working towards so you can mention it when you have it.


Step Two: Write cute little notes to yourself in your planner

We have all been to Indigo, bought a beautiful planner, and then started scribbling our schedules in it. Planners keep our thoughts organized, and we look at them more often than we think we do. The next time you spend around 20 bucks on a planner, start writing uplifting quotes in your book. You will be able to remind yourself that everything will be okay when you see your busy schedule, and see a quote from yourself. 


Step Three: Take inverted pictures and stare at them every day 

Sadly, every time I look into the mirror I look stunning, but my camera always disagrees. That is why we have started to take pictures on Snapchat, because it does not flip the picture. However, you and I both know that people do not see our mirrored versions. When you open your actual camera, and snap a picture that is exactly how you look like to people. The only reason you think that you do not look good is because you have gotten used to the mirror image of yourself. You just need to get used to seeing yourself through the camera. Most of us hate those pictures, and think we are ugly. However, if you take a picture of yourself on that camera every day and look at it, you will eventually love how you look.  


Step Four: Don’t overexert yourself

We all have a lot to do as humans. Whether we have obligations to work, family, friends, or hobbies. The important thing though is management over how much we invest into to these obligations. Look at what is already on your plate before taking on new things, and try to find that happy balance where you can relax and give time for yourself. Because you are important. And you will not abandon taking care of yourself.


Step Five: Set a goal for yourself

It's easy to get stuck in a routine. And not all routines are bad! But they are good in moderation. Giving yourself a goal can give you something to work towards to better yourself, and to have something in your life that’s in your control. Maybe you’ve been looking at that beautiful new phone, or maybe a really good book in a series you’ve been keeping up with; set a goal for yourself. Save $20 dollars a week and that’s $80 in a whole month! Look for the small victories in life, and you’ll see how many wins you get under your belt.


Step Six: Try to take an hour to silently think to yourself

Being relaxed, and in a setting where you can think to yourself is very essential. Find a quiet place where you can clear your mind, and let your thoughts wander. This will relax your body, and with some breathing techniques, allow you to further develop your thought process. 


Step Seven: Set a healthy schedule for yourself and try your best to follow it

Speaking of how not all routines are bad, let’s talk about scheduling. Having that authority in your life gives you a sense of peace and lets you know that the world isn’t spiraling out of control. So try the little things! Set an alarm every morning, have a Taco Tuesday every two weeks, binge watch that show or go to the gym on a  specific day of every week. There are countless things that you could manage in your life to give you an upper hand on it. 


Step Eight: Find/Revisit a hobby

A good way to love yourself is to love something that you do. Finding that hobby can quite literally change your life. And the best part about a hobby that you enjoy? You don’t have to be good at it. 

Seriously! Do you enjoy drawing? Draw. Even if it’s some silly little stick figure, it makes you happy. And practice makes perfect, so if being good at it really means that much to you, you’ll get there eventually. Having a hard time figuring out what it is you could enjoy doing? Ask other people what their hobbies are. It’s a fantastic way to get to know someone and maybe even pick up a hobby that you can learn to love.


Step Nine: Write in your journal about your feelings

Sometimes, even if we know how we feel it’s easier to absorb when we speak about it or write it down. If you don’t want to talk about it to someone, having a journal can give you the opportunity to vent to yourself and truly understand how you feel. And it doesn’t even have to be all bad! Did someone give you a compliment? How did it feel? How did you respond? Now that you’ve written that down, does your response now seem odd? Do you wish you had given them a compliment back? This form of self-reflection can help you grow as a person, and mature in ways that can lead to your happiness as you become the confident, strong individual you wish to be.

Step Ten: Do not give up on yourself

It may be silly, but we all need to be reminded sometimes: You are special. You are unique. You are extraordinary. Don’t forget that.

No matter what you go through, do not give up on yourself. Even if you are pushed to your limits, do not give up. Always find a way to remind yourself that in the end, everything will be however you want it to be.

“Yesterday, is history. Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” - Bill Keane