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What is Peach?

Peach is a new food option on campus and it’s almost identical to Uber Eats, except it’s easier and simpler. All you do is, you receive a text from two different restaurants of three food options each and you choose whatever you want by 10:30 AM! They will send you a confirmation message after the order and send you a text message once your food arrives. You can pick it up whenever you want at the UW2 Commons.

Where do I find it?

It is online. (Link to sign up) You have to sign up first and confirm that you are an UWB student. After that, you get a text message everyday school day and are eligible to participate! You food will arrive at the UW2 Commons and you can pick it up from there.

Who is it available to?

Currently, it is available to all UWB students and faculty ans staff. We are trying to expand it to Cascadia College, and that is a project we are working on next quarter.


Email: [email protected] 

(Courtesy: Gayathri Ramasamy)

Prathyusha Pillari is a 19-year-old senior at University of Washington, Bothell where she majors in Computer Science and Software Engineering. She was born in India and spent 14 years of her life there before moving to the United States. She is an advocate of women's rights and equality. She loves creative writing, traveling, driving around in her car and stalking people on Instagram.
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