5 Emotions Stranger Things Focuses On

The second season of Stranger Things is out on Netflix and the internet (as well as everyone else) is going wild. As a loyal fan of the too short series and someone who just finished the second season, I was going through a lot of emotions throughout the entire thing. So here’s just a little timeline of how you’ll feel during the second season if you haven’t gotten to it yet. If you haven’t gotten to the show AT ALL, you better get on the bandwagon because you won’t regret it.


This is only the beginning when the season starts. Get ready for a roller coaster of the creepy and shocking throughout all eight episodes.


A lot of scenes will get your heart racing to the point where you won’t know how to handle it. Believe me. Every episode had me on my toes, so be prepared for a new scare or suspenseful moment every episode.


I won’t spoil anything, but this season definitely tugged on the heartstrings a little more than the first one. If you’ve watched the first season and moved onto the second, you’re attachment with certain characters is only gonna grow.


These characters are gonna go through even crazier crap than the last one. And every time something bad happens, it just makes you feel angry that they have to go through all this stuff as kids and parents. Hopefully nothing like this ever happens in real life.


I will say this season ends on an even bigger cliffhanger than last season. It made me extremely upset, angry, and excited for next season. I just hate that I have to wait one more year for another eight episodes.

This season of Stranger Things is gonna make you feel a lot of emotions other than these, but these are the ones that are gonna hit you the hardest. I guarantee it. All the twists and turns and revelations only get crazier. So get excited and if you haven’t seen it yet, get ready for one strange and emotional ride. Happy watching!!