10 Neon Sign Phone Backgrounds To Help You Skip Snooze

1. "This is the sign you've been looking for" - To get you up, start hustling and get stuff done

2. "Peace, love, wine" - To remind you that anything is achievable with peace, love and a dash of wine

3. "All you need is lol" - To encourage you to smile at your problems and turn them into opportunities 

4. "Play" - To quote the mighty Cerci Lannister "When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die"

5. "Girls, girls, girls" - To remind you that you can do anything 

6. "Heart" - To remember that your friends and family love and believe you

7. "Heals" - To remind you that you can kick your heals and do anything you want

8. "Addicted to love" - To believe in the people you love

9. "Breathe" - To remember to breathe and believe that everything is going to be okay  

10. "Time is precious" - To remind you that, well, every single second is gold

(NOTE: Picture citation: All these pictures have been taken by the artists that contribute to unsplash.com)