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When you think of pushups, some of you may think of how wobbly your elbows become, and how awkward you look with your butt in the air trying to attempt the difficult bodyweight workout. There are many things you can do to help your form, as well as make them easier for yourself.

If you struggle with lifting your body off of the ground at all, you can start with incline pushups. This variation will put your body at more of an upright angle, making the pushup a little easier. You can use the wall, or a bench, to prop yourself up.



Another, modified pushup variation is the kneeling pushup. The kneeling pushup uses the same form as a regular pushup, only with your knees on the ground.

Then, if you are feeling up for it, you can attempt a pushup without any modifications.


Remember for all pushups to keep your hands at a distance a little wider than your shoulders, and your feet straight out behind you, so your body is in one straight line, and keep your booty down, and back flat.

Don’t feel bad if you struggle with any of these variations, pushups are difficult. The modified variations can workout your body just as effectively as a normal pushup when done correctly. With practice, you’ll be able to do a normal pushup all on your own… maybe even two! 

Samantha Jo Floersch is originally from Lakeville, Minnesota and is a junior majoring in Industrial Design and Business Administration. She is known as a fitness addict; you can always find her at the gym or practicing yoga at home.
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