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10 Tips for Improving Your Body before Spring Break

10 Tips for Improving Your Body before Spring Break

Migrating to somewhere warmer this spring break? The beach may only be a month away, but you’ve still got enough time to work on getting yourself ready for bikini weather! Here are 10 tips to improve your body before spring break.


1. Use a buddy system

It’s always easier to stick to any resolution when you have a partner to hold you accountable. It’s more than likely that your best friend is going to be by your side throughout the entire vacation, so it’s also likely that they’re having the same anxious thoughts as you about being in a bikini. Hold each other accountable and set goals together so that you’re able to stay dedicated!



2. Start with breakfast

There’s a reason that you hear the phrase “don’t skip breakfast” enough to roll your eyes and skim over this section. On average, people who eat breakfast as their largest meal lose more weight than someone eating the same total number of calories, but ate those calories at dinner. Not to mention that many studies have shown these breakfast goers are going to be less tired throughout the day, in a better mood, more concentrated on daily tasks, and have a higer chance to burn more calories! It is CRUCIAL that you get out of bed five minutes earlier in the morning if you want to make major improvements to your health.



3. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

If you’re looking to be an expert in tracking your water intake, take your body weight in pounds and divide it by 2. This is the number of ounces of water that you should aim to drink in a day! A fun way to keep yourself hydrating throughout the day is by marking your water bottle with times to ensure you reach your goal by the time you go to bed at night! 



4. Cut the crap: No more soda

This sugary concoction provides empty calories; meaning it is high in calories while containing no nutritional value. One can of this liquid candy contain‘s more than the recommended sugar intake for the day (about 6 teaspoons), leaving you feeling hungry and unsatisfied before thinking about dessert.



5. Eliminate fast food

Fast foods are high in components that lead to health problems and weight gain such as sodium, saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol. A meal with a giant yellow “M” on the bag is going to contain high-fat meat, refined grains, added sugar and fats, as well as countless preservatives. Replace these processed foods with natural ones such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, preferably ones that you prepare on your own!



6. Aim for small meals and healthy snacks

Eating more frequently in smaller amounts relieves your digestive system of the burden of bloating. The bigger the meal, the bigger the crash in your blood sugar levels post-digestion (as well as the crash in your productivity). Eating smaller meals will help keep your body happy and functioning efficiently throughout the day, so snack away!



7. Exercise 3-4 times per week

Don’t be a slave to the treadmill! You don’t have to kill yourself with repetitive cardio sessions. Try to mix it up! Get outside, play some basketball, join a kickboxing class, go ice skating, or utilize the REC center’s group classes! Even dancing while you clean your room can get your heart rate up!



8. Write it down

Keeping a log of your food and water intake as well as your exercise routine will help you see all of the hard work that you have put into the process rather than getting lost and forgetting where you started. Being able to record that intense cardio session will give you a sense of accomplishment and make the sweat feel more rewarding!



9. Get a healthy glow

Using a tanning bed is a no go, and self-tanners are infamous for that spotty orange look that’s never in style. How can you get beautiful skin the natural way?  Eat your way to a healthy glow with the 10 best foods for healthy skin: blueberries, spinach, kiwi, dark chocolate, salmon, watermelon, oranges, berries, avocado, and eggs! Also, be sure to moisturize to enhance that silky smooth look and keep your legs looking soft!



10. Be confident!

Nothing you can do to prepare yourself is going to be more beneficial than having confidence! No matter where you’re at when the date of your trip arrives, be sure to take a deep breath and remember that body image isn’t everything. This trip is going to be one to remember, so don’t spend it worrying! You are beautiful in your own skin. 


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