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The Ultimate UW-Lax Spring Break Survival Guide

Happy Monday Collegiettes! I hope everyone has had a little free time in their schedules to enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather these past few days. Fifty degrees may not be warm compared to beach weather, but after a rough winter this little taste of spring is either a little preview of your spring break adventures here in the Midwest or maybe it’s getting you ready for your #SB2015 getaway with your pals.

Speaking of spring break, it’s only FOUR days away–have you prepared? If you haven’t already heard, we’re having a major HCSB giveaway, including products from SABRE, Not Your Mother’s Hair Care, Chipotle, and more! Seriously, Check out all this awesome stuff:

There’s a reason why all of this stuff is useful for all spring breakers beyond the fact that it’s totally free (which isn’t that enough of a reason for anyone?) no matter your SB destination:

Safety First. Always.

It’s a cruel world out there, collegiettes, and SABRE is here to help. While UW-Lax has that small-town vibe, we all know the harsh reality: people can get hurt anywhere. You can never be too safe, and this little pink pepper gel keychain can go with you everywhere, be it downtown Lax or PCB. Just remember to handle with care and don’t let it get into the wrong hands!

Prep that Skin!

If you’re into that hair-free skin life, then look no further! Completely Bare wax strips are great because the hair will be gone for anywhere from 2-6 weeks opposed to, well, the very next day. These little sample packs travel easily and are perfect for difficult areas like bikini line or face. If you’re more into the natural look, no worries! Perhaps you have a friend who might want to try them out! No matter where you are, smooth skin is always a nice treat!

Keep that Belly Full!

We know UW-Lax is missing something crucial to a happy and fulfiling life…and that is Chipotle. The good news is most places are blessed with the beautiful burrito bar, so if you’re roadtripping to Cali or just over to the Twin Cities, you are bound to get a little hungry on the way there and it will be so satisfying. Chipotle is also a great late night indulgence…if you know what I’m getting at ;)

If you’re anything like me, you have a nice, healthy routine (minus weekends, but that doesn’t count) and when that typical day is turned on it’s head, those health habits can go right down the drain. With Luna Minis, you’ll get all the delish of Chocolate Dipped Coconut or Lemon Zest with the health benefits to boot! Plus, they’re gluten free! So throw them in your beach bag, your hiking bag, or your lunch bag for whatever spring break adventure awaits you!

Take Some Time to Relax with a Book.

Reading is good for the soul. Unfortunately, the type of reading we do for school is sometimes not so relaxing. Take some time for YOU this spring break and indulge in a good read. Between the partying, working, swimming, shopping, sleeping, or whatever else you might be doing pick up either The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn or Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell. Both reads are great for the beach, which is one of the most relaxing activities of all time…just don’t forget your Her Campus shades (pictured above). Shane Kuhn’s book is about to be a motion picture starring Dave Franco, BTW, so get your hands on a copy!

Finally, What’s SB without a Little Hair Treatment?

Don’t your locks deserve a litle love, too? Whether your hair is damaged from Lax’s water (mine is) or from all the salt water at the beach, you deserve a little mini-treatment. Not Your Mother’s Hair Care has supplied us with sample bottles of shampoo and conditioner that are natureal, eco-friendly, and free of damaging chemicals that tend to roam in other shampoos. Also, they smell seriously amazing. Mint and raspberry mingle for a refreshing scent that makes you feel as good as your hair is renewed!

A special thanks to all our sponsors for these wonderful products! Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for your chance to win.

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