The Her Campus Guide to College Life: How to Manage Relationships, Stay Safe and Healthy, Handle Stress, and Have the Best Years of Your Life!

By Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Annie Chandler Wang, Windsor Hanger Western, and the Writers & Editors of Her Campus

ISBN-13: 978-1440585111; ISBN-10: 1440585113

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Buzz about our book

"Some things are common sense, but some things aren't — especially when it comes to navigating a college campus in a way that's fun, independent and totally safe. This guide touches on everything from dating and studying, to making friends and joining clubs outside of class."

"This book is the ultimate campus wingwoman! It guides you through the tricky situations of classes, parties and hook-ups so you’ll never have to feel like a newbie!"
- Ann Shoket, millennial expert and former editor-in-chief of Seventeen

"The Her Campus team writes a girlfriendy, honest, and fact-filled how-to covering everything from roommate relations to social media management. Colleges should be handing this out at orientation—it’s the ultimate handbook to college life in 2015."
- Chandra Turner, Founder and President of Ed2010

"This book is a must-have for any graduating senior who has more questions than answers, but would not dare ask Mom and Dad. Leave it on her pillow, stuff it in her duffel, but make sure she packs it off to college, and refers back to it again and again."
- Lucy Danziger, former editor-in-chief of SELF

"What every college-bound girl needs -- an insider guide to the essentials of success and survival on campus -- by three of the best big sisters you could have!"
- Carley Roney, Founder of The Knot

About the Book

From dating to internships—it’s everything you need to know about college.

Get ready for the best years of your life! Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Windsor Hanger Western, and Annie Chandler Wang, Harvard-grad entrepreneurs and co-founders of Her Campus, the #1 global community for college women with 33+ million monthly users and chapters at 360+ colleges, are lending their collegiette expertise to the book world with this fresh and savvy take on a college girl’s survival guide.

Her Campus’s college guide is bursting with insider tips to help you navigate classes, relationships, and all your extracurriculars—including parties and Greek life—and much more. Whether you’re a seasoned upperclassman or are starting freshman year in just a few months, you’ll learn how to:

  • Bond with your roommate and set ground rules for your new space
  • Beat the Freshman 15 without having to give up dessert
  • Snag a date with the cutie from your Lit class
  • Cope with stress and anxiety—even during finals week!
  • Score jobs and internships that will help you transition into post-collegiette life

This book will also give you the lowdown on campus safety so you can enjoy all that college has to offer while avoiding the unfortunate scary parts that sometimes come with it. Complete with fun checklists and worksheets to help you carry out HC’s essential advice, The Her Campus Guide to College Life shows you how to make the most out of your experience—in and outside the classroom.

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