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Nathan Covey: The Finance Man

1. Name: Nathan Jeffrey Covey
2. Hometown: La Crescent, MN.  It’s right over the bridge on the other bank of the Mighty
3. What year are you at UW-La Crosse?  Second semester of my junior year.  Seems like it 
was just yesterday that I was letting it rip in Coate Hall.  
4. Major/Minor: Finance and Economics double major.  Recently, I snagged a minor in 
5.  Relationship status? Officially single but I think I have something really good in the works.   
6. What campus and/or community activities are you involved with?  Well, I tutor at the 
Murphy Learning Center Monday and Wednesday nights.  Additionally, I am a less than 
active member in the Women Studies Student Associations (WSSA).  Last semester I 
joined Golden Key International Honor Society.  
7. What is your favorite thing about La Crosse? The people.  They have made it the best 
three years of my life.  When you’re able to surround yourself with people that make you 
genuinely happy, nothing else matters.  
8. Biggest pet peeve:  Besides the standard chewing with your mouth open, I cannot stand 
poor mannered people.     
9. Who’s your biggest role model and inspiration?  Mike Stud. Uhyuu  
10. Describe an ideal date:  My ideal date would be all about having a good time.  I would 
love to spend the day outside doing something active like skiing, going out on the river, or 
golfing. I don’t mean mini-golf either, that shit is tacky and unoriginal.  I’d like go out to 
dinner and drinks afterwards at either the Waterfront or Piggy’s.  Finally, I would migrate 
the party over to 3rd Street for some continued consumption with friends.  
11. Describe yourself in three words: Witty,  Eccentric, Passionate (lotta passion)
12. Favorite food: Cajun creole.  I am a huge seafood food guy and love a good kick.  
13. What kind of music do you enjoy listening to? I’m all over the board.  I enjoy everything 
from a good Luke Bryan panty dropper to Juicy J’s Rec Center beats.   “Ironic” by Alanis 
Morissette is my karaoke crowd favorite.  
14. Favorite song to dance to at a party: “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars
15. Where are you most likely to be found on a Friday night?  Casino.  They make a mean 
White Russian.  
16. What are the qualities you find most attractive in a girl/guy? Intelligence and a sense of 
humor.  Having the ability to hold a quality conversation and take a joke goes a long way 
with me.   
17. What is the first thing you notice about a girl/guy?  Their smile.  Smiling is contagious and 
synonymous with having a good time.  
18. What’s your go to pick up line? “There is something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn’t 
have your number in it.” 
19. What is your dream job? Venture Capitalist.  Having the ability to fund cutting edge, 
innovative start-ups would be very rewarding.  
20. How does it feel to be featured as a campus cutie?   Wait, I thought this was for my 
profile on Christian Mingle?
Hello! I'm currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. I'm working on marketing major paired with a French major with a business concentration. I love to travel and experience new people and their different ways of life. My goal is to be able to mix my passion for travel and my witty outgoingness into a career that I will enjoy! With that, people often ask what I want to be when I grow up and my answer is simply that I'll go with the flow. It may sound cliché, but I like to try and be optimistic about what's out there and what life has to offer! Life is unpredictable so why not make the best of it! Being able to constantly learn and experience new things is something I'm all about! Since learning tends to correlate with school I think that school and work are very important, but I also believe in a life outside of those walls. I find sense of enjoyment in yoga and art along with spending time with my family and friends. Whether it's playing beach volleyball, climbing the beautiful bluffs that La Crosse has to offer, snowboarding or just relaxing outside with my dog you can find me outside(when the Wisconsin weather permits)! Not to mention I'm always up for a rip-roaring adventure! I hope you enjoy reading what I have to offer!
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