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Why I Fight Against Cancer

Why I fight Days like these are beautiful to me Showing us the loving souls Fighting the same fight And being able to feel the love...

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I Don’t Love You Anymore

I used to. I used to love you with my entire mind, body and soul. But everything changed. When you said the words I never thought I would...

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Power of a Makeover

Lately, I have been making my goal to focus more on myself, and to make myself a priority. I have a tendency to give my all to everyone...

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I Need To Relax, But How?

I need to relax but how? If anyone asks this question on the daily, I feel you. I think I ask myself how to relax about 17 times a...

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Dear Old Friend

Dear Old Friend, I hope you’re doing well. I may not have talked to you in a day, week, a year or maybe even more. But I want you...