I Cut My Hair For the First Time in 3 Years

I cut my hair for the first time in 3 years.

I have patiently waited for this day since those razor blades took away my hair.

When you’re told you have cancer, people always assume that hair should be the last thing on your mind. But for a girl who just turned 18, I was terrified to lose my hair. I still have a hard time expressing to people the feeling of losing your hair. I counted and calculated how long it would be until I got my full head of hair back. I cried over not being able to do my hair for prom or graduation, and I remember the days that I longed for my braids, and just to be able to have a purpose for the hairband on my wrist.

I little over three years ago I shaved off my long locks so I didn’t have to watch chemotherapy make it fall out a little bit at a time. I donated all 24 inches of my curly brown hair that day, and since then I have been waiting for the day that my hair was finally long enough that I was comfortable enough to cut it. From three years ago, to this day, my goal has been to grow my hair as long as I had it pre-shaving.

From bald to pixie, to awkward and more awkward, to bob cut, and curls and curls and more curls, I have been patiently waiting. I have fought the awkward stages and made do with my ever-changing hairstyles. Looking back at pictures I realized how fast my hair grew back, but going through it did not make it any easier.

You wake up one day and you can use a brush in your hair again, another day you can pin your hair with a bobby pin. Eventually you’ll be able to pull your hair back into a pony tail, then braid it another day. And you remember each day you hit that next milestone.

But now that it has been long enough, I was ready to get back in the salon chair. Eagerly waiting my appointment, I knew I needed a change. Gathering up the courage to finally cut the hair I have been trying so hard to get back I scheduled my appointment and did something I had never done. I scheduled not only a cut, but a color. Now this may not be a big deal to most people, but never have coloring my hair, I have been super excited. I now have a little extra spunk in my step, and gave me the perfect change I needed.

To anyone growing their hair back out, it is going to be frustrating. It’ll never seem like its growing fast enough until one day its half way down your back. My advice, is have fun with short and creative hairstyles and use it as an opportunity to try new things with your hair! I had tried pinning my hair into mohawks, side twists, and everything in between. And remember, you are beautiful no matter what length of hair is on your head.