DIY Paper Snowflakes

One of my favorite ways to get in the holiday spirit has always been snowflake making...when I was younger, my mom would fold the paper for me and I would go crazy with the scissors and turn the house into a real-life snow globe. Now, I'm a bit older, and the only thing that is changed is I've mastered the fold on my own. Paper snowflakes are fun, simple, and perfect for any winter holiday you celebrate! Not to mention, they make for some cute dorm or apartment decor!




Tape, fishing line, floss, or string (if you want to hang them up)


Six-pointed snowflakes are gorgeous and easy to make.

1) Start with a square of paper

2) Fold the square in half, making a triangle

3) Fold the triangle in half 

4) Fold the triangle into thirds, so it looks something like this

5) Trim the top points off to make an ice cream cone-like shape

6) Make your cuts! You can always unfold and refold the snowflake to check your progress.

7) Unfold and admire your work! 


You can make the snowflakes as simple or as complicated as you want. The important part is that you have fun! Happy snowflake making!