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“Board” Of Your Typical Workout? Now You Can Surf At Home

So in gym class in high school, the teacher brought in these indo boards, which are at home surf boards.

They’re these polished wooden boards that you place on top of a roller or a half-circle cushion and stand on. The board usually has grips on each side on the bottom so you don’t go flying off when you use the roller.



They were developed for surfers so they could practice indoors when they couldn’t get out to the water, but they’ve become really popular and it’s a great tool many people use to help them with their balance.

There’s a bunch of gear you can get which is all pretty epic, but if you’re inland, like me, and just want something to do where you don’t have to go to the gym, indo boards are great!


Okay, but like, indo boards are $189.00 and that’s just the original package.

So I made my own.

Well, not really made, more like assembled. I got some cheap PVC pipe and a piece of plywood.

Works just the same. The only difference is that if I’m not on carpet, I do have to use a rubber floor mat, but other than that, it’s great.


The pipe is 8 in. long, with a diameter of 3 in. The plywood is 9 ½ x 21 ½, and it’s ¾ of an inch thick. You can adjust to your height/preferences, but it doesn’t really have to be that big… actually it’s probably better if it’s not, since we’re working on balance here.

Also, disclaimer: Most places sell the pvc pipe at a 24 in. length, and while Home Depot won’t cut it for you, Lowe’s and Menards (I would also check your locally branded stores) will. Otherwise PVC pipe is easily sawed.


The PVC pipe is going to be around $8 (for that 24in.) and the plywood is only going to be like $3 per foot.

$11 sounds a whole lot better than $189.


Surf’s Up.




You can see what products I’m talking about here:





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