TikTok’s Best Informative Creators

Since March’s lockdown, the app TikTok has exploded in popularity with their quick humor and constantly changing trends. The videos are all less than 1 minute so even if you have a short attention span it's easy to be entertained enough. If you’re anything like me or the rest of Gen-z you have a really hard time staying off TikTok. The videos are short so it is much easier to justify taking a break from homework or lectures than turning on Netflix. I wouldn’t say it's a problem necessarily but it definitely is a huge distraction. Since I spend so much time on TikTok, I’ve come across some great informational accounts that will let you learn a little something as you procrastinate. Here are a couple TikTok accounts I think you should go follow.


1. @TheKoreanVegan

Joanne Molinaro, known to TikTok as The Korean Vegan, posts videos of her cooking all sorts of delicious meals, most Korean, completely plant based. While her recipes look amazing, what really makes Joanne’s videos stand out is the stories that go along with them. Her wisdom and calming voice along with the creation of incredible food make each video mesmerizing and heartwarming. She has advice on life and love in each of her stories, some about her family's history, her own as a successful attorney and so much more.


2. @MarcusJustinDipaola

​Most of the creators on this list are people I’ve seen or watched intentionally for a long time. I started to notice Marcus as the presidential election worry and uncertainty was at its peak when he would update the TikTok world several times daily. He is a journalist who began covering Donald Trump during the beginning of his 2016 campaign expecting to conclude his reporting when Trump dropped out of the race. When Trump never dropped out, Marcus stuck around. What I like so much about Marcus is his way of explaining complicated current issues and election updates in an almost excruciatingly direct way. It’s hard to describe in writing but if you go see his videos you’ll know exactly what I mean.


3. @Brightly.Eco

If you have an online shopping addiction, care about making sustainable lifestyle changes or are somewhere in between you should definitely check out this account. They give eco-friendly product recommendations and reviews as well as zero waste tips. I’ve learned so much from this account and creator that it is a complete staple on this list.


4. @HankGreen

If you were ever a fan of Crash Course videos you have to follow Hank. To be completely honest I don’t really care for learning science and still I love this account. People will comment the weirdest questions about how the world works and in less than a minute, including time for jokes, Hank will answer in a way even I can understand.


I’m not anyone who can tell you to get off TikTok (even if you probably should) but I can help make the time spent a little more worthwhile. 


*Edited by Rose Kauffman.