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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVM chapter.

I’ve always seen people walking around campus with their coffee in their hands, whether they are drinking a venti cold brew from Starbucks, or a regular iced coffee from Henderson’s. So, as much as I tried to get myself to drink coffee like everyone on this campus, I can’t. I take one sip and immediately regret my decision that I purchased an overpriced, caffeinated, sugary drink.

So despite my efforts and numerous defeats with trying coffee, I gave up on it and wanted to try something else that can also give me a small bit of caffeine when I need it but with a different taste. I have always liked drinking tea, preferably Earl Gray or black tea. Any flavored tea like lemon, mint, ginger, or green tea never satisfied me. I was the most boring person to go to a coffee store with, but out of nowhere one day, I decided to purchase an Iced Matcha Latte with milk, and ever since then, I have become addicted.  

After my first purchase of this Matcha Latte, little did I know how much I could be craving it for the rest of the day and the days after. I got this latte four days in a row and after walking out of the coffee shop with it, I began to wonder how much I am paying for these. To my surprise, I was paying $6 per matcha, granted I was getting the largest size, but I didn’t care. Each matcha latte I drank was worth the $6 I was paying.

After my large consumption of matcha, I wanted to know if there were any health benefits of the Japanese green tea powder. And of course, there are, which lead me to have many fixed feelings. One being I am consuming something healthy for my body, but I am also buying an expensive drink daily. But pros outweigh cons, right? Well in this scenario, they do – I am going to keep purchasing these drinks because they are beneficial for my health. 

According to a recent article posted on Healthline.com, there are a variety of benefits revolving around matcha tea. Here are some that really caught my attention and for sure increase my addiction to this drink


High in antioxidants

The green powder that makes up matcha is made from the entire plant, not just the leaf or the stem. This causes a high amount of antioxidants in the powder, which can ultimately prevent cell damage and chronic illnesses. 


Boosts Brain Function 

Multiple studies that have been performed show that matcha can improve and increase memory, attention, and reaction time. Not only this, but matcha contains a small bit of caffeine, so you are getting your energy boosted but it also contains L-theanine, which changes the effects caffeine normally has by reducing the energy crash that comes after drinking a high level of caffeine. 


Helps you lose weight 

Although everybody’s body is seen as a perfect body in society, matcha can stimulate weight loss. The powder can increase a person’s metabolism and fat burning. 


Promote Heart Health 

Studies have shown that drinking green tea, which is very similar to matcha, has reduced LDL cholesterol as well as triglycerides. Overall, scientifically drinking green tea has been linked with the reduction of heart disease and strokes.


Matcha Green Tea is an acquired taste for some. I do think the taste depends greatly on the milk you use or if you use hot water. It is completely up to personal preference, but I recommend trying matcha if you haven’t before. Maybe you will find a new drink just like I did. 


With love, Sierra 


*Edited by Atti Shepherd.

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