How to Stay Alive During Finals

Drink water!

By drink water, I mean LOTS of water. Way more water than you think you need. Try refilling your bottle instead of going to grab another cup of coffee at Speeder & Earls. Caffeine actually acts as a dehydrator, making you more sluggish and less acute (which we know you especially don’t need during this week). By drinking water on your way to that awful 7am exam, it actually wakes you up, can brighten your mood, and could even relieve your headaches because yes, we’ve all been studying really hard. 

Don’t pull all-nighters.

The longer I am in college, the more I realize my body just can’t take staying up til 3am before an 8am class. As tempting as it is to catch up on Gossip Girls and de-stress with 1 or 5 more episodes on Netflix before you start studying, stop yourself! Getting a good night's sleep before your exams will help you wake up feeling rested and much more ready. According to Bustle, You get way more done in the morning and it feels awesome. Early to bed means early to rise, and who doesn’t love a productive morning of studying?!


Actually eat. Three meals. And fruit! And healthy snacks! A twenty minute Twitter study break is so sub par to a quick trip to the Marche or Skinny Pancake for some brain food. Mom always said breakfast most important meal of the day, and even though we’re in college, we better still listen to our parents. Nobody is going to notice if you don’t wear mascara to your final, so save some time in the morning to eat something before you take off to bubbling in answers for the rest of the day. I know myself and I KNOW right after my Art History final I am going to want to dig into my Super Size bag of peanut M&Ms, and whatever other salty-sweet things my boyfriend sent in my care package. But no. Ditching salty snacks that are dehydrating will actually keep me from feeling my mid-day fatigue. You bet I am stocking my fridge with Farmer's Market apples and honey instead. 



Get mindful. If you haven’t heard this before, chances are you don’t go here. This means if you haven’t been taking advantage of UVM’s FREE services to help you relax. You better book some appointments now. LivingWell offers massages that can be booked through My Wellbeing, as well as yoga classes, meditations, and free condoms and lube (yay)! Even exercising at the gym on campus, and going to group classes can reduce your stress significantly. However you relax best, make time for it! You will be so glad you did when you can alleviate some of the stress of learning every muscle in the human body (Bio majors, we feel for you).

Try to stay positive! We will all make it through finals. 




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