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How to Have Fun in College Without Going Out

Whether you have raging social anxiety or just don’t vibe with the bar or fraternity scene at UVM, here’s all you need to make the best of your four short years.


  1. First and foremost understand you don’t need to go out to have fun.

Despite what you may have seen on TV or on Snapchat stories college isn’t all about going out. While we all love a good night out with our girls, it’s okay to want some down time too. I know it might sound painfully cheesy but use that time to figure out who you are and what you really enjoy to do. Before you know it, it’ll all come to an end, so this is a great way to determine who you want to be after college!


  1. Take time to take care of YOU!

Get up and go to the gym. Having more downtime is a great way to get yourself back into a healthy lifestyle. Go out and pick up some workout outfits that make you feel beautiful and get going! If you have no clue how to actually workout (like me) go online or on Instagram, to get some workout inspo and create the perfect routine for you! When it comes to eating cleaner this may seem like a daunting task, but find foods you love and that make you feel good! Being more active and filling your body with feel good fresh foods will boost your mood and make your day to day routine that much better.



  1. Daytime activities are your time to SHINE!

Luckily by going to college in Vermont we all have an abundance of things to do during the day. If you’re the outdoorsy type get up early and head to the mountains with your friends! Skiing, waffles and adorable Instagram pics, what could be better? If you’re more into staying in town start your day off with a brunch with your girls and have yourselves a day in Burlington.

Breakfast food

  1. Join a sorority or club and find people you connect with.


Although some people end up meeting their friends through nights out, joining a sorority or club with people just like you is a great way to find your life long besties. When I first came to college I was clueless on how to find and meet friends, but through joining a sorority and taking part in different clubs on campus I was able to meet my people. These are the people to go to when you’re looking for a girls night in! Get your friends together for a movie night filled with games and good food.


  1. If all your friends like to go out, use nights alone to your advantage!


The best thing about staying in when your friends are out is that you have time to relax. These are your opportunities for the ultimate self-care night. Binge your favorite show, use that face mask you’ve been wanting to try, grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and destress!




Hi, I'm Emma! I am a Senior at the University of Vermont, studying Public Communications and Applied Design. I have always been very passionate about the fashion and lifestyle industry!
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