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Bestie, I’m afraid to tell you this, but we’re rushing headlong into finals period. 


You might be feeling a lot of stress over exams, papers, and course grades, but with the promise of another socially distanced semester coming to an end, it’s now only a matter of getting down to business. Cue your fight song! To keep you feeling fresh and motivated, here are three things to add to your study playlist as you start the grind.



 “I Can” and “I Am” Affirmations

There can be times when you feel like you don’t know where to start. Especially when that final paper is due, and the page is still blank. Or when that study guide needs to be filled out, but you don’t even have an outline yet. When you haven’t even started, but you’re already beginning to doubt yourself, listen to meditative affirmations. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and let your hyperactive brain slow down. Sometimes, all it takes is hearing, “I can do it.”

  Nature Sounds

For some, complete silence doesn’t work well for studying. In fact, static stillness and quiet might only serve to heighten anxiety and amplify the doubts in your head. Luckily, studies show that being in nature can brighten your mood and boost your motivation. Yeah, recorded nature sounds are all great and dandy, but the everyday outside sounds of nature have something special to them. You’re not just filtering nature into your ears; you’re experiencing nature all around you. Maximize on nature sounds by getting the full experience of sunlit colors, fresh smells, and the feel of a breeze. Go outside!

Match Your Tunes with Your Mood

Our moods are highly influenced by our surroundings. Sad music in a sad scene somehow makes the whole thing twice as depressing. Take advantage of your impressionable self and choose your music carefully. Doing something that requires concentration? Try some calm, quiet instrumentals. Feeling demotivated? Listen to something upbeat with a bassline sound. Mix it up and find a fit that goes well with your mood and what you’re studying. Sometimes, something as seemingly trivial as music can push you towards final exam success.

Yumna is a third-year at the University of Virginia, majoring in Computer Science in the College of Arts & Sciences. Despite her technical background, she loves all things reading and writing related! Along with entertaining articles for Her Campus, she will write short stories, novels, and - yes - even formal academic papers with spirited enthusiasm. In her free time, Yumna likes to work out, play soccer, and spend time with her family.
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