Best Dog Parks in Charlottesville

Although I can’t have my beloved corgi Brooklyn here in Charlottesville, (she has to live at home in northern Virginia, sigh) I LOVE seeing and petting dogs on my way to class, or near my apartment. Yes, I am that crazy dog lady-- they bring so much joy to my life. 

Look at my baby!!!! I love her!!!



If you’re lucky enough to have a dog at school (check out our President Summer’s dog’s Instagram!), or just living in the Charlottesville community, I’ve rounded up the best dog parks in the Charlottesville area-- parks where, if you’re like me, you can stop by just to pet the dogs. 


  1. 1. Azalea Dog Park

    With two fenced-in areas to let your dog run wild, you don’t have to worry about lack of exercise or social activity for your pup. Azalea Park is extremely spacious, with lots of green grass to play on. If I brought Brooklyn here, she’d go crazy surfing in the grass.

  2. 2. Claudius Crozet Park

    A short 25 min ride away, Claudius Crozet’s dog park has a huge fenced-in area to let your dog off-leash, as well as extensive trails that are offered if you even want to hike alongside your dog.

  3. 3. Chris Greene Lake

    Chris Greene Lake offers an area for dogs to run around and play, along with a separate area for dogs to swim. Tbh, this sounds like Brooklyn’s heaven. Swimming is also really beneficial for dogs, letting them burn more calories than a walk or play with other pups.