10 Zoom Outfit Ideas to Wear to Your Online Classes

Hey Hoos, how’s day 4 of social distancing going? Do you miss college as much as I do? Have you been spending your time alternating between existential dread and learning TikTok dances? Good to know we’re on the same page. I know this was not the right thing to think about when we got the school shutdown email on Wednesday, but online classes mean that no one is going to see my cute outfits! After doing some extensive brainstorming, I’ve put together 10 outfit ideas you can totally stunt on your class via Zoom.

  1. 2. Spring flannel

    Flannel in spring? Sure! It’s a pandemic, there are no rules!

  2. 3. A personality pullover

    #Relatable quote sweatshirts are a little Delia’s circa 2004, but like I said, no rules!

  3. 4. Elegant-comfy (elmfy?) is the new athleisure 

    Monochrome looks good over every streaming platform. I don’t have any data to back this up but it’s true.

  4. 5. Head-to-toe fashion for maximum disease prevention

    Note: I’m ethically (and maybe legally?) required to tell you that this is *not* an actual method of disease prevention

  5. 6. A subtly sexy wardrobe staple

    Gray sweats are basically lingerie, so be careful with this one

  6. 7. A punny shirt for a pun-demic

  7. 8. Infect-plush

    Plush robes are the biggest flex in quarantine fashion

  8. 9. Creative camouflage

    Coronavirus doesn’t infect leopards, so if you wear this outfit, the virus can’t see you. I’m a bio major and thus can’t be wrong about this.


    (Once again obligated to tell you that this is a joke and that this outfit has the same prevention efficacy as your aunt's lavender oil she's selling on Facebook)

  9. 10. 😳😳😳😳

    This one might be too risque for class but try it out if you’re feeling adventurous and want to impress your Zoom crush

Listen, the entire UVA student body is sharing one brain cell right now as we descend into isolation-induced madness and the fact that I laughed the entire time while writing an article with the same comedy as 2013-2015 SNL (read: bad) is a testament to that. Anyway, don’t leave your house, wash your hands, and for the love of God… you do not need to go to the Corner right now.