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Trigger Warning: non-graphic discussion of mental health and self harm.



My mental health journey has been a long one and it is far from over. My scars may have faded over time, but their imprint will always be there. So many years have passed since it all began, and I am proud of myself for how far I have come. I am proud of myself for learning to love myself. I am proud of myself for learning how to channel my emotions in a healthy way. I am proud of myself for growing as a person.

Only a handful of people know about the dark period of my life, and I plan to keep it that way for the time being. One day I might have the courage to speak more in depth and in a public setting about my story, but this is a step in the right direction.

Since it is Self Harm Awareness Day, we need to take a moment to recognize that self harm isn’t just one specific thing, it is when someone inflicts any type of harm upon themselves. It is a complex issue that needs to be treated in an empathetic way.

To the person reading this that is currently in the same shoes I was in all of those years ago, this is for you. You are strong, and you are capable of greatness. Trust me when I say, relapses happen. Reach out for help whenever you are ready, and always remember you are going to be ok.

The Self-Harm Text Hotline is a way to receive free help for those struggling in the United States, text CONNECT to 741741.


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