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Positive Affirmations and Manifestations You Need to Try

Recently a lot of affirmations and manifestations have been on my for you page on Tiktok. Manifestation chants can help with positivity and good karma. There are different affirmations for different things so here’s a small guide I’ve compiled from my favorite users:

Need some self-love? Repeat the following every day:

“I am becoming a stronger version of myself. I am becoming a better version of myself. I am becoming a more confident version of myself. I am healed. I am whole and healthy. I am amazing” (by @ _teariki_tarapu_ on TikTok)

For when you need money, repeat:

“Ching, ching, ching

Goes the money tree

And every time it ching

Money comes to me

It all flows in so abundantly 

From the top, left tight

And up under me

Wave, wave, wave

I’m a money wave

Money flow, money flow

Money made

Flowing in and out

Plus money saved

Debt, debt, debt

All debt is paid”

 (By @ onestarwisdom on TikTok)

Simple law of attraction manifestations:

I don’t chase, I attract. What belongs to me has already found me.”

(By @ joe.hehn TikTok)

“ I am grateful for all the joy, abundance, and love that finds me today. I am open. I receive and I am ready.” 

(By @ tearikki on TikTok)

Happy manifesting!

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