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Our days are shortening, drinks are beginning their seasonal stardom, and leaves are beginning to fall. Though the weather is still hot, fall is certainly here. The start of the new season means the start of new beginnings, and what better thing to freshen up than your playlists!

Like every young adult, playlists are the key to who I am and must be updated as such. With having a playlist for almost every aspect of my life, it is only right to make one for this season as well. These twenty songs will give you a few ideas on what exactly to add to your own!

  1. Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood
  2. Electric Love- Børns
  3. Are You Bored Yet- Wallows, Clairo
  4. Can I Call You Tonight?- Dayglow
  5. We Fell In Love In October- girl in red
  6. Roslyn- Bon Iver, St.Vincent
  7. Strawberries & Cigarrettes- Troye Sivan
  8. Ribs- Lorde
  9. Chanel- Frank Ocean
  10. Free Spirit- Khalid
  11. Champagne Problems- Taylor Swift
  12. Olivia- One Direction
  13. Ophelia- The Lumineers
  14. Two Ghosts- Harry Styles
  15. Sofia- Clairo
  16. Bad Idea!- girl in red
  17. Why’d You Only Call You’re High?- Arctic Monkeys
  18. Oh Klahoma- Jack Stauber
  19. Motion Sickness- Phoebe Bridgers
  20. Time Machine- WILLOW

I am a 20-year-old junior attending UTSA. I am majoring in criminal justice in hope of attending Law School to become affiliated with criminal law. As this is my major I love all things crime, such as true crime podcasts and shows like criminal minds, and law and order svu. I am also a huge bookworm and enjoy reading anything and everything.
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