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We are all guilty of coming home, throwing our dirty clothes on the floor, or throwing Chick-fil-A straw wrappers in our car at some point. And, let's be honest, with the 'Rona around, we have all either become extremely organized or just plain LAZY! But hey, no fear if you have become lazy! Why do you think TikTok and Pinterest are a thing? From days in my life type of videos to Pins on organization, there is a solution to be "that" organized girl.

Now here's the thing, do not just be organized just to be but do it for you and your mental health. It is a proven fact that when things in our lives are organized and not cluttered that we feel at ease. Time for more honesty here, quarantine has taken a toll on each of our mental health statuses. That's not to say that even if our mental health is shot to dust that it cannot be risen from the ground to sprout again! I have some advice to help improve our quarantined mental health with the help from my friends, TikTok and Pinterest:

  • Create a list of things you need to do in a day/things you want to do
    1. Make the list look pretty, write it on a whiteboard and decorate it
  • Make your bed every morning (try to wake up at a decent time as well as go to bed at a decent hour)
  • Start eating right and have designated times throughout the day to eat
  • Do a workout → shower → create a cute getting ready routine → put on a cute outfit
    1. Blast your FAV music while doing all of that
  • Set aside time morning or night to pray, meditate, or whatever suits you

I don't know about you, but doing each of those things for me has made me feel better and more productive throughout my days. Go on TikTok for ideas about a productive day. I always watch "Day in my Life" videos, and they become addicting. Go on Pinterest and make a board and search organized schedules. I take what I see on those organized schedules and make them into my own. I encourage you all to at least try to become organized, and I hope that quarantined mental health status goes from nada to Prada!

Hi, I'm Natalie and am a junior at UTSA! Born and raised in San Antonio, I basically live at La Cantera mall. Catch me writing, reading or laughing too much!
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