6 Things To Do After a Long Day at Work

1. Take a warm bath or a cold shower

Sit, lay, relax. Draw yourself a warm bath and fill it with essential oils or Epsom salt to wind down those stress levels and detox your body and mind. Or you can try a cold shower and help ease stress and recover your hard-working muscles that you may or may not have used all day. FYI, lavender works the best!

2. Get into something comfortable

What is better than an oversized t-shirt and super soft pajama pants, other than being completely naked? NOTHING. Do what you feel like doing. You have spent the last 8 hours in a collared shirt with khakis, and you must be worn out.. no pun intended! Steal your boyfriend's tee, or any boys' tee in that case. Wear pants, or don't. Put something on, or nothing at all, you're finally free, so feel free!


3. Stretch/Meditate

Whether you work sitting in an office all day or you move about every second you're on the clock, your body is tired. Trust me, I've worked both. So, stretch, every morning and night if you can. Practice breathing techniques. Get your blood flowing and muscles relaxed to release tension and regain energy. Take back your power!

4. Give yourself a treat

I know they say you shouldn't eat just cause, but I believe they are the ones who've never worked a day in their lives. Whether you are a foodie or not, treat yourself to whatever makes your mind calm, and your heart happy. Stop by your local bakery and get that cupcake! Or stop by your local Nordstrom and get those shoes! You've earned it!

5. Put a relaxing face mask

It's not just part of our skincare routine; it's part of our body care routine. When your skin is calm and unstressed, so are we… well at least a part of us is. Try store-bought masks like shea butter, chamomile extract, cucumber gel, rose clay, etc. for deep hydration and soothing. Also, DIY and use ingredients like oatmeal, honey, water, milk, etc. My go-to is only $2.59 at Target!

6. Get a good night sleep

I know it's cliché to say sleep is everything, but SLEEP IS EVERYTHING! Getting the right amount of sleep allows for your body and mind to restart and be refreshed for a new day. Though I understand that being in our twenties, and getting more than 5 hours of sleep is highly impossible since we either go out all hours through the night or we watch Netflix till 3 A.M.. However, rest is truly the answer to all our problems, if our phones need to be recharged, so do our bodies!