5 Stages of Grief: UTSA Class Registration Edition

All UTSA students can agree that registering for classes is a terrible experience. We hope the "Registration Gods" were ever in your favor for Fall 2019.


Having woke up at 6:45 A.M. with the complete list of courses for next semester in hand, you wait minute-by-minute for the clock to reach 7am so you can get the course registration show on the road. Finally, 7 A.M. hits and you quickly click on the registration tab on ASAP. Almost instantly, you are met with the very unwelcome “loading error” page. Oh no.



Obviously this happens every course registration period (get it together UTSA), but it never ceases to make you just as mad and irritated. “Did I really just wake up at the crack of dawn for this?? “UTSA is #1 in Cyber Security, and they can’t even fix their website??” are some of the thoughts that race your mind, only fueling your grumpy and sleep-deprivation-induced anger.


At this point, you’re contemplating just shutting your laptop and going back to sleep (or throwing your computer out of your window, whichever helps), but you’re not going to go down without a fight. Determined, you make the risky decision to click the reload button. “Maybe if I wait long enough the screen with load” you try to assure yourself during this dark age of course registration.


After your fifth failed attempt to reload the page, you begin to spiral into feelings of deep sadness and resignation. You even begin to contemplate screwing it all, and just dropping out. Maybe if you go back to bed and sleep long enough, four years will have passed and you wouldn’t have to deal with the sheer pain of course registration ever again.


Finally, you dramatically exclaim “SCREW IT ALL!!” and shut your laptop. You storm off to bed and sleep through two of your classes to blow off steam (and most definitely for self-care purposes.)