3 Ways To Stay Fit as the Holidays Approach

As a very unmotivated person, it gets quite hard to continue working out as the weather gets colder and holidays approach. It was already a struggle working out in the summer heat, so finding new ways to stay fit in chilly weather can be a bit difficult. Besides going to the gym, here are a few great places to do your workouts.


As we stuff our faces with our favorite holiday treats this season, it's also a good idea to do a little bit of exercise so we can fill our stomachs even more. Unfortunately, all the best holidays are near each other, so it’s def one of the harder times to stay fit. Halloween provides endless amounts candy, Thanksgiving provides a giant feast, and Christmas provides (literally) tons of treats.


Staying fit doesn’t mean having to run miles a day (unless that’s what you enjoy), but there are many other fun ways to get your heart rate up like trying out winter sports. These sports can be snowboarding, skiing, playing hockey, going ice skating and much more. Instead of dripping sweat like we do in the summer, fall and winter give us an amazing breeze that makes working out not so miserable.


On those days where it’s way too cold to go out, doing small workouts at home will work best. There are hundreds of workout videos online that can easily be done in your room using things you already have laying around. Using small weights, resistance bands, and other cheap workout equipment will make your sessions a little more intense if needed. Something I do almost everyday when doing regular tasks is small exercises. If I am brushing my teeth or doing my hair, my favorite things to do is wall sits or squats. While reading a textbook or going over notes, I tend to lay on the ground and do planks. So if you don't have an hour or two to spare for a full workout, several small workouts a day is a great substitute.


Lastly, holidays means no school and wanting to relax after a long, hard semester of studying and working, so obviously we just want an easy way to get active. That relaxing exercise can be taking walks or hikes with friends and family. Those are definitely the most fun and rewarding activities to do after a stressful semester. Walking through all of the trees with their fall colored leaves is a beautiful sight to see, so bundle up and try some new activities or just enjoy the scenery.