Yes, Everything Does Happen For A Reason

“Everything happens for a reason.” 


It's a saying we all know, and some have come to hate. It is a saying we can easily view as a “cop-out” response by friends and family to the hardships we face. For a long time I resented it. I refused to believe that the trauma I faced had any “reason” and that there was some big plan in which my suffering was a necessity. The truth is, I was taking on a victim mentality and my refusal to believe this statement hindered my healing as well as my relationship with God. 

It was only when I allowed myself to reflect on my experiences and see the story of my life, thus far, in its entirety, rather than individual chapters independent of each other, that I realized that everything does, in fact, happen for a reason. It was only then that I could allow myself to put my trust in God and His plan for me. It was only then that I stopped seeing myself as a victim of my experiences and, instead, began seeing myself as a work in progress. A work that was going to face both the good and the bad, and become a better version of myself for it. 

Even if you do not see this phrase in a religious light, it is important to let go of any negative stigma you may have associated with it. These are the 3 reasons you should wholeheartedly believe that “everything happens for a reason.”


1. You will be ready for what is to come. 

Being blindsided by the negatives in life greatly increases the pain it brings. While you cannot spend your life bracing for impact, understanding that life is a rollercoaster and that there will be highs and lows will help you face the challenges with the right mentality. The knowledge that the bad will be followed by the good will act as a light at the end of the tunnel. 


I admit this is hard to visualize in the midst of misery. We cannot easily rationalize the reason why a loved one dies or the person you love has found someone new, but once the pain has eased and you move into the next chapter of your life you will understand that joy is only meaningful if pain has been present too. 


2. You will see things in a new light. 

Much like in my experience, once you allow yourself to believe that everything happens for a reason, you will be able to appreciate the entirety of your life. You will see the failures as a road to the successes. It will shine positivity into your thoughts and future actions. 

Seeing the negatives in a positive light will allow you to take more risks and be less afraid of failure. It will allow you to forgive your transgressors, as the pain they brought into your life has ultimately made you who you are. It will allow you to see that you are a better because of your experiences, not despite them. 


3. It will bring you closer to God 

While the saying is not necessarily a religious one, you cannot believe that God has a plan for you without believing in the concept that everything has a reason. God does not give us unnecessary hardships. He is thoughtful and loving and everything He does is done to make us the best versions of ourselves. God does not give us battles in which we cannot handle. With faith and courage we can face all obstacles. They bring us closer to Him and allow us to grow and blossom into the people He intends for us to become. 


In times of trouble it is easy to fall into the same mentality I did. Take a step back and remember that there is truly a reason for everything, and use that mentality to grow and prosper from all that you have experienced.