Why You Should Take a Vacation RIGHT NOW



Picture your typical day… you are running from event to event, work, or school. Does anyone have a second job? You think that you can no longer make it through, but you get up and do the same thing again, and again. But how many of you actually go on vacations?

Vacations are not just a getaway, but they are shown to be good for your health, productivity and creativity, and overall happiness and relaxation.

People every day are watching their lives tick by, and then there are the few that are taking a vacation of a lifetime. Where have you always wanted to go? Great wall, swim with sharks, or weekend trip to southern UT?

There are many benefits to taking vacations because it helps you relax and do better at your job. It also helps cut down on health problems! Vacations can increase your productivity, creativity, and help you think of multi-million-dollar ideas.

I know what it feels like to be spread too thin. I am here to tell you that vacations are not a thing of the past. Research shows women who go on regular vacations are up to three times less likely to be depressed,and have half the risk of experiencing a heart attack than their “non-vacationing” coworkers. According to a study by the State University of New York at Oswego, after surveying 12,000 men they discovered that the men who go on vacations reduce their overall risk early death by 20 percent.

Vacations are also good for productivity, it shows it enhances creativity, amps productivity, and can increase your odds of being promoted. This is the reason why many employers give PTO. Even Google has some employees who don't have set work schedules. They know that coming up with brilliant ideas like Gmail don’t happen in a cubicle.

Vacations help  you relax, at least that's how they're promoted. But no ever seems to take this opportunity for relaxation.. We become more stressed with everyday life. Many people have even  developed chronic stress. A survey showed that people who take regular vacations reported feeling extremely happy compared to those who did not vacation. Many then reported these effects lasting beyond their vacation.

So, I would like you to remember the following things the next time you think about skipping a vacation. A vacation could save your life, could increase your work and school productivity, and give you an overall relaxed well-being.

Vacations should not be pushed aside. Vacations were made for these specific purposes and I think they should not be taken so lightly. Now get out your sunglasses, snowboard, hiking boots, and make some memories!


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