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What Happens When You Start to Gym

A new semester has everyone going to each class, waking up before noon and starting to get into a better physical condition, but for some of us these are brand new concepts. While most Collegiettes’ want 2016 to be the year to get a “beach body” there are a few things that will happen when you start working out. These things are unavoidable, so don’t try to hide out in your new Lulu’s, you gotta work. 

1. You will buy some new clothes because a) more leggings and b) you can’t wear your date-night leggings to the gym.

Before you start going to the gym, be sure you are comfortable in your workout clothes. This will help you feel more confident and help get you motivated to go! 

2. You won’t like everything…

Aside from needing to learn how to “properly gym,”you need to try new exercises. One reason people don’t work out is because they don’t find exercise fun, make sure that you enjoy what you do. Try some of the classes at the Student Life Center to see what you like. Eventually, you will find one that sucks the least or that you actually enjoy!

3. You will buy new (healthy) food and it’s probably really colorful.

We all might have our Chipotle order memorized for life, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change. Expect to go to the grocery store and start to have some healthy food. It pairs well with your new exercise motif and will make you feel better in the long run!

4. You will be sore. Really sore. So sore.

The next day you will feel sore and might not be able to walk. The best way to get your muscles feeling better is to stretch them out and work them more. It sounds crazy but really works. You might limp from the stadium to OSH but it is worth it in the end. 

5. You will want to give up. 

A few weeks into the New Year our resolutions start to slip and this one is usually the first to go. Just remember, this isn’t about the day on a calendar, but instead about you. You won’t look like Jennifer Aniston in one day but now that you have started you just need to keep going!

6. You will feel and look better.

The endorphins released when you work out will make you feel happier, more energetic, and healthier. Working out will boost your confidence and make you feel like a better version of yourself. Plus, exercise can help clear up your skin.

Starting a new habit is hard but in the end it is worth it! Now, go get some new clothes and get to the gym!

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