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What Being Stuck At Home For A Year Has Been Like

I’m pretty sure this quarantine has affected at least one other person as drastically as it has affected me. I mean, I used to be good at English, writing, and reading, but here I am now, typing “dairy” instead of “diary.” I haven’t touched a single textbook for any of my classes, and my Percy Jackson book are collecting dust on my shelf. I’m sure a lot of people relate to the feeling of being lost and confused during the quarantine. I know I’m falling deeper and deeper into the abyss; I mean I’m sitting here laughing at that stupid game reference I just made. I’m seeing a lot of people going through some mental health crises and it hurts to see how much we lost. I was a senior in high school when the quarantine first started, and it was only supposed to last two weeks. It ended up taking my entire last semester.

I hated it, of course, or else I would not be writing an entire rant about it. Doing online school, not seeing my friends during our drive through graduation, and not being able to hang out with them, hitting up all of our favorite boba shops. The quarantine blues hit harder than Thor can hit with Mjolnir. As someone who has a hard time concentrating on one thing and not finding motivation, quranantine sure changed me. During the summer I felt like I was nothing more than a blob laying on the floor. Usually when I feel this down, I would dive into an icy cool pool, but coronavirus said nope. I used to hate swimming itself, but not being in the water 24/7 showed me that I really do love swimming, and that I want to go back. 

person swimming in pool
Photo by Guduru Ajay bhargav from Unsplash

I had little hope for 2021, so I didn’t expect much for January. I always hate January because I hate winter. February is on my hate list because of Valentine’s Day; I feel lonely enough outside the protection of my lovely home, but rubbing it in my face with your cute couple pictures brings me bitterness. As expected, these months went by fast with me doing nothing but school, homework, work, and an unhealthy amount of gaming. I can’t look forward to anything new but I realized it’s up to me to find that silver lining in this quarantine.

Alright, after that brain dump what is the whole message here? Honestly, I don’t know. What I do know is that it is very easy to be bored during a time like this. My ever-running mind always needs something to chew on or it’ll slowly go insane. Has that happened to me? Most likely. Moral of the story, here’s the cheesy part so sorry to those who are lactose intolerant, try new things. Seriously. I wouldn’t have known how much I love gaming if I hadn’t downloaded that gosh darn app that takes up all of my phone space. I wouldn’t have known how much I loved baking if I hadn’t reached for the box of brownie mix on my shelf. Quarantine is the time to learn new things and expand that comfort zone. Hopefully by the time the next entry comes out, I wouldn’t have gone fully lost it.

     Until next month.

Anoushka is majoring in Information Systems and Political Science. She loves reading books, playing video games, listening to music, and watching anime.
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