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A Weekly Cleaning Schedule to Help You Feel Organized

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

The first few weeks of school are done and I already feel overwhelmed! New semesters always bring new priorities and new stressors which sometimes means that my cleaning schedule gets put on the sideline… Or no cleaning actually gets done. But this year I am determined to make it a priority, because I often feel a lot less anxious and better about myself when my living space is clean and organized. I made this weekly cleaning schedule that isn’t overwhelming but still helps you feel accomplished in your clean space.


Today you should focus on your bedroom.

Often throughout the weekend I discard clothes on the floor, use every blanket I own, and never make my bed. This will help you organize the space you should consider the most relaxing, and help you start your week off right.

  1. Start by folding all the blankets in your room and returning them to their right space.
  2. Clean up all the clothes on your floor, by your hamper, and even the chair that you throw all the ‘reject outfits’ onto before going out. Organize them into clean and dirty, and properly fold or hang up anything that can be worn again.
  3. Do the same for any shoes you kicked off before you passed out on your bed.
  4. Organize the clutter off your bedside table. Clear it off and dust it so when you organize the decorations and chargers, it’s clean.
  5. Vacuum your floor (or sweep if your room has hardwood). This will help finish the room off and will get any remnants of dirt off the floor, so the space is fully clean!


Focus on straightening the main living spaces and dining room.

My day off is on Tuesday, so I planned to do the bulk of my apartment cleaning on this day. Feel free to switch this around if you have a lot of classes or work on any certain day. I like to start the week by organizing the areas that I will be spending the most time in, so I feel organized wherever I am in my apartment.

  1. Start by simply straightening up the dining room table. This can include organizing any decorations, putting away school stuff, and clearing any leftover dishes.
  2. Wipe off and sanitize the table.
  3. Sweep under the table, and mop, if needed.
  4. I have a lot of plants, so I dedicate this day to watering all of them. This way I know the last time they were watered and if they need to be watered any more or less.
  5.  Organize the coffee table. This is similar to the dining table – straighten remotes, remove any schoolwork, and make sure it is organized.
  6. Wipe this down too, and dust off any side tables and television in that area.
  7. Look around to see if anything else needs to be put away and then I’m done!


Wednesday is dedicated to the kitchen.

I like to clean the kitchen throughout the week, but this day is the main day of cleaning and sanitizing this area.

  1. Wash any dishes in the sink. Sometimes I dry them off and put them away just to take care of the clutter so it immediately looks cleaner.
  2. Wipe down the sink! Your sink can gather a lot of bacteria, especially if dishes are left for a while with food residue on them.
  3. Wipe down the counters and the stove, collecting any crumbs or little pieces of trash.
  4. Sweep under any counters, and mop, if needed for any spills.
  5. I also like to organize my pantry and make a shopping list of anything I need to get on my next trip to the store.


Dedicate this day to the bathroom.

My last day of cleaning before the weekend and this is my most dreaded day. I do not like cleaning the bathroom and that is why I leave it to the last day. I sometimes will trick my roommates into helping me and I get to take this day off, but it is necessary so I do what I have to do.

  1. I have my own shelf in my apartment where I keep my toiletries, so I start by organizing this area and cleaning anything needed.
  2. Wipe down the counter around the sink and wipe down the mirror.
  3. Clean the toilet with cleaner and leave it until you’re done with everything else to make sure the cleaner has enough time to work. Be careful though, if you leave the cleaner too long it can stain your toilet… And yes, I am speaking from experience.
  4. Clean your shower and tub with specified cleaner, scrubbing the base, and organizing any products.
  5. Finish by sweeping and then you’re all done!

That may seem like a lot, but breaking it up each day makes cleaning my apartment a few small 20-minute jobs throughout the day! This cleaning schedule has really helped me stay organized and feel a little sense of accomplishment each day! Stay safe and stay clean!

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Rebecca is a sophomore finishing her last year of prerequisite courses before starting the nursing program. She works at an oral surgeon's office as a surgical assistant and receptionist.
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor