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Tips for Reducing Stress This Finals Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Finals are finally here, and it’s a stressful time for anyone and everyone. Everyone knows the struggle of dragging yourself back to school the Monday following Thanksgiving and trying to motivate yourself to finish up the rest of the school year. It’s the hardest couple weeks of any college experience and it can be one of the most stressful times of the year. From finals to papers to group projects, your schedule is guaranteed to be full every day. In order to remain as stress-free as possible this finals season, I gathered up a couple tips for you to follow! 

Don’t Waste Your Time

It’s super tempting to watch YouTube or browse Instagram instead of spending your time studying, but I promise it won’t reduce any of your stress. I know you’ve probably heard it a million times already but putting down your phone or even turning it off all the way is the best thing to keep you on track. It’s okay to take a couple breaks and use your phone while working but going to the library to “study” and spending 2 hours on your phone is not going to help reduce stress in any way. 

Deep Breaths, Girl

Whenever you start feeling overwhelmed with your workload or start to get too stressed out, it’s super helpful to just take a moment to breathe. If you just step back from your work and take a couple minutes to chill out, it helps way more than you think. Letting yourself get too overworked or overwhelmed will just cause you more stress (which is literally defeating the whole purpose of this article, so take a breath girl).

Plan and Prioritize Your Work 

Breaking up your workload and planning out your weeks can be super helpful. Avoiding procrastination and planning what to work on each day can help you keep your stress down and will keep any surprises from popping up. It’s also important to stick to your plan in order to avoid letting everything pile up. It’s one thing to plan everything out, but it’s another to actually carry out your plan. 

Powernaps are Your Friend 

Okay, when I say powernap, I don’t mean get in bed and don’t get up for three hours. I mean taking a 30-minute powernap after studying for a decent amount of time is actually super helpful. It gives you a little block of time to decompress and recharge yourself before getting back on top of your work. 

Diet is Important

Your food choices definitely aren’t your main focus during finals week but it’s important to make sure your food choices are benefiting you.  Making healthier choices will keep you energized and feeling healthier throughout the last couple weeks of school.

Finals can be super stressful, and trust me, you can get through it. Just don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed and follow these tips. You got this!

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