Smart phone, Smarter Apps

You're already on your phone, you might as well be productive about it. Here are some of my personal favorite apps to help you do just that:

Quizlet: Free to Download

This app has seriously raised my GPA since I downloaded it and started using it on my computer as well. Quizlet allows you to make online note cards and then use them in various games/activities to help you learn and study the terms. It’s free to use and you can add as many terms/ study sets as you want!

Pocket Points: Free to Download

Pocket Points might be the coolest app around. Whenever you are on campus, you can turn the app on before class starts and for every minute you do not open your phone, you earn points. These points can add up pretty quickly, and you get rewarded with discounts to nail salons, restaurants, yoga studios, and more! You can literally get free food just for not using your phone in class! This only works when you are on campus though, so no trying to be sneaky and leave it on while you sleep.

Self Control: Free to Download

This app allows you to temporarily block certain websites from your device while you study. You set the amount of time and the sites you’d like to avoid being distracted from, and Self Control makes it impossible for you to check them until the time is up.

Maths Alarm Clock: Free to Download

Okay so this one doesn’t exactly excite me, but it is a cool concept! This app attached a math problem to your alarms in the morning, which is proven to get your brain up & running a little faster. Don’t worry, this isn’t solving matrices or calc 2, the problems are simple. No more snoozing the alarm 19 times and missing class!

Babylon: Free to Download

For any students taking a foreign language or for any transfer students form another country this is a must!! This app is a translator for over 75 different languages. Super easy to use, you will never feel left behind in a nail salon again!

Headspace: Free to Download

For those of you whom need some good mental health practice in your life, download Headspace right now. You are guided through meditations and mindfulness skills with this app in just a few minutes. It is so easy to use and it takes so little time out of your day- there’s no reason not to get it!

Sleep Cycle: Free to Download

This is one of my all-time favorite insomnia apps! You can get as specific as you want to here by inputting various triggers and situations that occur throughout the day. Then you simply select which ones happened that day or what is on your mind right before you fall asleep, leave your phone under your pillow, and the app will monitor your sleep throughout the night. In the morning, it will ask you a couple questions about how you slept and you can select some more options if you want to be super specific. Over the days you can start to compare your sleep to that on other days and find out what things are triggering a good/bad nights sleep. It even has options for sounds/music to play while you fall asleep and different tones to wake you up to.


And there you have it, your phone just went from being a distraction to being you helpful guide. You're welcome.