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Remember That New Year’s Resolution? 6 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated For 2015

Yesterday, I woke up with a pounding headache wearing a dress so sparkly it could blind you with a party hat on that read 2015!

Oh wait, that wasn’t yesterday, that was literally 2 months ago on New Years Day when I made myself hit the gym and drink a green smoothie in an attempt to stay with the endless list of New Year’s Resolutions. But now it’s March and I can’t even remember half of the goals let alone where that list even is…I’m 99% sure it’s in a pizza box underneath my roommates bed stained with Red Bull.

It then occurred to me, (I felt as bright as those sparkles on my dress from January), tht this is a new year. It’s been a year since last year so I can make goals whenever I want.

1.     What Do You Need Now?

Some of the goals you made in January probably aren’t applicable to what you need right now, before it might have been to get really good grades this semester, now it could be to finish strong or get that C up to a solid B. Things change, adapt and set a new resolution.

2.     Resolve That Resolution

Make things a priority. At the beginning of a New Year you fill your head with mantras like “new year, new me” and you imagine yourself doing all sorts of different things that will help you become the perfect you. Pick a couple things that you feel are important and accomplishable for this year. If your goal is to finally keep your room not looking like the dumpster behind In-N-Out, then make that and one other small thing a priority.

3.     Rewards, Rewards, Rewards.

A lot of times people give up on achieving goals because they fail once. One time, my friend went on a social media binge, she wasn’t going to get on Facebook for a week, I’m still not sure why but whatever, she didn’t last an hour and so instead of getting back on the horse and deleting the app, she decided that she tried and that was good enough. Well that’s dumb. Keep trying and reward yourself with a mani after you go a week without Facebook, or ya know, after accomplishing goal that’s a bit more personal to you.

4.     New Schedule

That perfect work out plan that involved a 6 am run and then a 10 mile bike ride before a long shower that included time to shave and go through all of the steps it takes to transform yourself to Sandra Bullock, part 2 of Miss Congeniality probably has been replaced with sleeping in until 5 minutes before class and barely throwing on leggings. That’s okay, figure out when you can fit in things you value as important and make that work into with the times in your schedule that are available now.

5.     Best Friends = Best Results

My personal New Year’s Resolution was to make yoga a part of my life and not just wearing the pants but wearing my LuLu’s to something athletic. I got my best friend excited about it and now we go at least twice a week together, grab a friend—doesn’t even have to be the top notch best friend ever, just a homie and pick a time that you both can make strides in accomplishing the goal.

6.     Stick to it!

Place a cute pink sticky note, or one of your fav color, on the mirror so when you brush your teeth you are reminded of your goals and then you’ll be more prepared to implement them into your day.

Julianne serves in the role of Community Development Associate, directly working with chapters and expansion. She graduated from the University of Utah in 2018 with a triple major in Political Science, Film & Media Art, and Communications with minors in Health and Theater. Julianne served as a Campus Correspondent for Utah for 3 years, as a Chapter Advisor for 2 years, a Campus Expansion Assistant for 2 years, and as a High School Ambassador Advisor. New to Boston, Julianne can't wait to eat as much seafood as was deprived of her after living in the mountains for most of her life. In her spare time, she loves to ski, watch an unreasonable amount of movies, and write!
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