Let's Stay Sane This Holiday Season!

It’s almost here, that wonderful time of the year when your entire extended family gets to come together and hash out in person the political discussions that they would normally have over Facebook! But seriously, the holidays are a time when you can have your patience stretched to the LIMIT. You have to field invasive questions, explain your politics to people who want to debate with you, and suffer through some less than desirable food (here’s looking at you, dry turkey!). I honestly don’t know how we’re supposed to get through it without having a meltdown, but here are some things I came up with that can hopefully extend your fuse long enough for you to get through the night and then scream into your pillow — or whatever you do to relieve stress. 


1. Remember that the holidays are temporary and that no matter how painful it is, you’ll be able to get back to work/school/all your responsibilities soon… Doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

2. Focus on the food. Honestly, the best part of any holiday party is all the goodies. And no one’s going to expect you to talk to them if you’re busy stuffing your face — right?

3. Have a good book with you. That way, you can quietly do an activity that your family approves of, somewhere else. 

4. Partner up with your cool cousins to work as a team to deflect nosy questions. If you all look REALLY involved with each other, or just give a silent signal when *that* aunt is coming (you know the one, don’t lie), it will make everything so much more bearable. There is strength in numbers after all!

5. Think about how much this means to your family. They’ve been so sad ever since you moved out and this is their chance to reconnect with you — even if it means bugging the life out of you.


Just remember that the holidays are temporary, y’all! Sometimes family time can be tough, but take the good moments and treasure those. Make sure you eat good food and make good memories with those you love! No matter what happens, you’re gonna make it through this and come out more fulfilled than you were going into it… Unless you decide to put off your assignments until the day before school starts up again. Haven’t you learned better by now? Shame on you. (Just kidding, I’m doing the exact same thing ;) )


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