How To Survive An Identity Crisis


I’ve found that in my twenties, a lot is changing. As I like to say, adulting is hard, really hard. Finding time for your yourself, your interests, or managing all of life’s responsibilities becomes more difficult. With this I started to feel like I was lost in life a little bit. Here’s how I survived my identity crisis. 

Kristen Bryant-Thinking In A Lala College Sweatshirt Kristen Bryant / Her Campus

Take time for yourself 

Seems simple enough, right? Maybe not. Making yourself a priority is difficult in itself, but it can really make a difference. I like to schedule an hour for myself once a day. It could be in the morning, when I don’t have class or work, and sometimes even before I go to bed. This is the time where I do something I love, write in my journal, read a book, shamelessly watch Tik-Tok if that is what I need that day. Whatever it may be, invest in yourself. Being true to who you are will help if you are ever feeling lost in life and get you back to feeling a little bit closer to home. 

Get back to your roots 

Whenever I get busy, I get caught up in whatever I am zoned in on. One of my favorite activities is being outdoors and when I’m busier I tend to stay in my house, the library, or a coffee shop. Because I’m used to being outside all the time, when I do this, I feel like I’m losing the things I love. Remember the things that are at your core, what really makes you happy. Spend time doing these things. Find your roots and get back to them. 

Set a goal for yourself 

I’m a year-round goal setter. I find that giving myself a goal for whatever I am going through helps me find a purpose. Find appropriate goals for managing adulthood. Make time for yourself, meditate, write to-do lists, make a dream board. It doesn’t matter what goals you have for yourself, big or small -- write them down somewhere and keep yourself accountable. 

Focus on the present 

I am the biggest overthinker about my future. I tend to skip over what is happening now and just focus on long term planning. Be present! Be in the moment -- sounds cheesy, but I promise that being wherever you are 100% is more beneficial to you than thinking about something that hasn’t happened yet. 

Talk to your loved ones

Nobody knows you like your loved ones do. Talk to them and open up! They will help you find wherever you need to be. 

Adulting is hard and so is adjusting to all of the responsibilities that come with it. Don’t lose yourself and remember that change is okay. Try not to be too hard on yourself!