How To Survive Hardships

Life has a funny way of throwing obstacles in your way, all at once. I find that when my life gets hard, it’s really hard and tough to get through.  I find that when my life gets hard, it’s really hard and tough to get through; however, through my struggles I have learned a lot about myself and how to learn from whatever I am going through. Here are a few of my tips. 

Focus on the good

Golden lab smiling

Try and focus on the good in any situation. I always find myself thinking negative thoughts about the situation that I am in. Why is this happening to me? I wish that things were different. As I am growing up, I try and find the silver lining. An example of this could be that someone I lost in my life was actually holding me back and I was losing myself. Because this happened, I can work on self-care and getting back on the right track. It's important to remember that whatever problem you are facing can be looked at in a positive way. 


Practice Self-Care

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After your outlook has been changed, you can start working on self-care. I learned throughout college that there truly is nothing better than investing in yourself. Going on a walk, putting on a facemask, watching Netflix, reading a book. Finding something that brings you joy and makes you feel a little more whole again will start to lead to healing. 

Write Open Letters

fountain pen on a letter

Writing open letters to whatever has hurt me helps me let go of it. This sounds cheesy- I know. Trust me when I say that having a good cry and getting all of the feels out on a piece of paper leads to letting go and moving on from the past. I have a specific journal for this reason, but you could also do this on the Notes app in your phone, on a Word document, whatever you choose -- let the past go and get everything out. Nobody has to read your letter but you. 

Make a Playlist 

you are what you listen to

Music helps me convey what I’m feeling when I don’t know how to. I always make a playlist for hard times in my life to the songs that got me through everything. They’re small time capsules for your life, and if they’re too painful to keep you can let them go as well. 

Whatever it is that you may be going through, remember that you are never alone. It is okay to be hurt, lost, and confused. Your feelings are valid, don’t forget that.